How Motorcycles Changed the Automobile Industry

The development of the motorcycle was a major event in the history of personal travel vehicles. It certainly represented a different way of travel that could be used rather than a car. This meant that the automobile industry faced competition for the first time ever, except for those automobile companies that were also making motorcycles. Despite competition from the motorcycles, car companies were still able to survive and thrive. Of course, many people still preferred and needed to have an actual car, especially those who had families. Some savvy car manufacturers, such as BMW, also entered the motorcycle marketplace and designed and developed motorcycles and cars.

First Attempts

The first car was made available in 1883 while the first motorcycle became available in 1894. The popularity of the motorcycle really increased after the First World War. Several motorcycles were commissioned for the war effort and the motorcycle industry took off as a result. The most well-known motorcycle company in the world is the American company Harley-Davidson, which has been in existence for several years, and has managed to survive various difficult times, even when the company experienced intense competition from Asian motorcycle manufacturers.

Cars have always dominated the world because there are limitations to motorcycles; certainly, they can’t carry many passengers or luggage. A car also offers you more protection in an accident, and many people are aware that a motorcycle can be dangerous.

Recent Years

In recent years, more and more women have been buying motorcycles. Part of the reason for this is that motorcycles are more ecofriendly since they use less gasoline to run and therefore generate less pollution than an automobile. The other issue is that women have a feeling of empowerment riding a motorcycle. There are now groups of women riding motorcycles together.

The automobile industry has been changing very rapidly and especially after the realization that people may prefer motorcycles because they are more ecofriendly than cars. The automobile industry has been very quick to design and develop so called ‘green’ cars to ensure that people will still purchase them if they are environmentally conscious. Car manufacturers have developed and designed electric cars or automobiles that are hybrids that partially run on electricity and partially on fuel. Both BMW and Nissan are companies that have now been selling various models of electric cars for several years now.

In addition, motorcycle manufacturers are also designing, developing and producing fully electric bikes. Clearly the automobile and motorcycle industries look to each other for ideas about what technologies work, and they drive each other to further innovate and develop new and better products. In the long run this is probably beneficial for both the industry and the consumer.

Motorcycles certainly had a big influence on the automobile industry, really forcing the automobile manufacturers to be more innovative. In recent years, the desire for ecofriendly vehicles has meant that car manufacturers needed to design ‘green’ cars to avoid being outcompeted by the more ecofriendly motorcycle. In the end both automobile and motorcycle manufacturers and consumers are benefiting from the competition between these two industries.