How to Build a Motorcycle from Scratch

Building a motorcycle from scratch is achievable if you put your mind to it. When you have decided on the design, you just must take advantage of the goodies in salvage yards. Get a couple of used parts from online or a garage and you’ll be ready to build yourself a motorcycle. Using salvaged parts can help you to build the bike more cheaply.

It will be a fun experience as you get to showcase your mechanical and electrical skills as well as artistic creativity. We do recommend that you have some experience in mechanics before embarking on this task as it is not the easiest of challenges, however, it is very rewarding when you can finally take your very own hand made bike out for a ride! Follow the guide below to help you build your motorcycle from scratch.

Frame, Tires and Fenders

Every motorcycle begins with a frame. You can either build a frame yourself or buy one from a yard close by. You can then modify it to look like your dream bike. If you’re building a chopper, you could alter the angle of the head pipe by changing its joint. You could also make the body long along the frame and fat around the tires. Continue playing with different parts until you arrive at your desired look and design. Once you’re done with the shape, put the triple tree in the place that you intend mounting the handlebar and shocks. Then, proceed to the installation of the brakes, the front and rear tires, and the shocks.

If you are building a chopper, you need a narrow front tire and a fat rear one. The tires should be spaced evenly with the motorcycle frame and properly aligned for increased safety. Attach the fenders to the frame. Ensure that there’s enough margin between the tires and the fenders so that the tires don’t rub against the bike fenders.

Engine and Transmission

These are the parts that make your motorcycle run. After the frame is done, install engine and transmission system. The primary drive and the final drive systems should properly align with the engine and the transmission for better functioning. After the engine is installed, next are the brake pedals, clutch levers, battery tray, footrest, oil tank, battery, wiring, and other electrical components.

Exhaust System

Using mounting phalanges, attach your exhaust pipe to the cylinder head on your engine. You might need to bend the exhaust pipe so that it extends out of the motorcycle’s rear while matching your design. If you lack the required welding skills, this part can be outsourced.

Handlebars, Gas Tank, and Seat

After building handlebars and gas tank to taste, it’s time to mount them. Sit on the bike to know exactly where to fit your handlebar and gas tank. Bear in mind comfort and functionality when choosing a position. Get a comfortable seat that fits into your design and the purpose of the bike. Install your sit and you’re almost done with your bike.

Finishing Touches

This is the final step in building your bike from scratch. Make every necessary adjustment and other aesthetic customization. Then, paint and chrome. You can take the motorcycle out for a short test ride