How to Keep Your Motorcycle in Top Condition

It is very important to keep your motorcycle in the best possible condition at all times. This is to prevent small problems becoming big problems, and to ensure that the motorcycle lasts a long time. Once a motorbike falls into disrepair it ends up costing a lot more money to repair and bring back into top condition. Also consider the resale value of the bike. A bike that is maintained regularly and kept in top condition will be worth more if you ever decide to sell the bike than will a bike that is not maintained. A poorly maintained bike is also more dangerous to be riding.

Check the Tires

There are various strategies and tips to keeping your bike in good shape. One of the most important aspects to check is the tires. People often forget about it, which can be dangerous when you are riding. Check the tires for any signs of cuts or scratches and check their tread and pressure. At the same time as you are checking the tires, you should check that the wheels are still balanced and aligned correctly.  Remember that having a blowout is especially dangerous on a motorbike.

Regular Service

Your bike should be serviced frequently or at least as recommended by the manufacturer. During the service, the engine will be checked. If you are doing the service yourself, remember to check the carburetor and spark plugs. Clean out the carburetor float chamber after every 1500 km. You also need to check that the spark plugs are clean and whether they need to be replaced or not. Spark plugs have to be checked more often for a two-stroke motorbike (every 750 km).


Check the battery of the bike often. Make sure there are no signs of leakage and if you have to top up the cells of the battery, then use distilled water. Check whether the brakes are still working okay. If the spacing is too tight or too loose it could be a problem. It is safer to take the bike to a mechanic if you can tell there is a problem with the brakes and if you notice that the bike is making a strange sound.

Other Checks

Be sure to check the motorcycle chain on a fairly regular basis as well. You can use paraffin to clean it and lubricate it with engine oil. Do not use water to clean the chain because this can cause rust. Check that the chain is not too loose or too tight either. The chain should have a free play of about 2 to 4 mm. If you do detect problems with the chain, it would be wise for you to take the bike to a mechanic to get it fixed sooner rather than later.

It is also very important to keep the body of the bike clean so as to maintain the surface finish. Cover the ignition switch, silencer and H.T. coil while you are cleaning the surface of the bike. You can use soft microfiber cloths to clean the surface. Following these tips should allow you to keep your motorcycle in top condition.