Important Safety Gear While on Your Chopper

Riding a motorcycle is so much fun, especially when it is your custom-made chopper! You’ve spend time and hard work investing in this beautiful ride and now you can wait to enjoy it. Before you head out on your maiden trip though there are few things that you need to give careful thought to, for example the gear that you are going to be using while you are riding on your new chopper. You want to be comfortable of course, and you most likely want to look stylish. But what is the most important factor of them all, being safe of course!

The Helmet

It may seem somewhat clear, but a lot of people overlook the importance of their safety gear when they are riding. You are riding on an open engine essentially and of course going at high speeds as well. The most important piece of equipment you will want to invest in is a good and safe helmet. Many do not think of this because they want to look cool, therefore they buy a helmet based on looks not on safety measures. The most important factor is that the helmet fits you properly and that it is a DOT approved helmet, this means that it has passed the necessary tests to ensure that it is safe and reliable for your ride. A head injury is a serious injury, one that you would wish upon no one so be sure that you look for the right things when you are buying a helmet, not just how it looks.


Next you want to invest in a good jacket or proper clothing for your ride. We know that the look when riding a chopper is not about safety like it may be on a race bike, however, it is just as important that your arms and body is covered in case you should fall off the bike at any time. Leather is typically the material of choice when looking for a jacket. Not only will protect your skin should you fall but it will also keep you looking somewhat good while riding. A textile or clothe jacket may seem tempting, we know denim is popular, but they will give you little protection while on the road so be careful when looking at those.


Gloves are also another important item to consider. Often time riders will wear them in colder weather simply to keep their hands warm, but they also provide protection should come off while riding. Look for ones with proper padding and a retention strap at the wrist, this will ensure that they will not come off or hinder your ability to drive. A scrapped-up hand is the last think you want when keeping your chopper in top condition is your top priority There are many ways that you can stay safe and even stylish while riding around on your motorcycle.

We hope that you remember these safety tips the next time you decide to take your chopper out for a ride and that you even look good doing it!