Long Distance Rides to Take Your New Bike

What could be more beautiful than having the complete freedom and the wind in your face as you explore new open roads? This is what a long-distance bike ride is giving you. The arrival of a new bike is a special moment for every bike enthusiast and the perfect way to get to know your new partner better is to take it on a long-distance ride. The relationship between a bike and the rider is best formed like this. The United States is the ultimate place for long rides with your new bike. There are some world-famous routes that greatly contributed to the popularity of the motorcycles worldwide. But choosing the right ride for you can be quite challenging because the diversity is very big. We have listed some of the best long distance bike rides in the us in order to help you bond with your bike in the most amazing landscape.

Route 66

This is perhaps the superstar of the long-distance rides. It was featured in many movies and songs and it is now the most representative road for chopper riders. All the places that are near this road keep the 50’s feel to them. It is a true pleasure to ride on this road. It is not very difficult given the fact that it is mostly in the plains. This is a very good choice for a first-time ride and especially if you are a new rider. The landscape is amazing, and you will truly feel freed by all the day-to-day stress while riding on this road. There are many repair shops in case something happens and the hotels here are quite cheap.

Pacific Coast Cruise

This road will take you on Hw1 in California. It was designated one of the most representative American bike rides. It features beautiful scenery and you will feel the Californian atmosphere on the road. There are countless places where you can stop to eat or even to spend the night. It was voted one of the best routes for beginner riders so taking your new bike for a bonding trip here is a very good idea.

Blue Ridge Parkway

Known as one of the most beautiful bike routes in the world. The speed limit here is 45 miles per hour so you will be somehow forced to observe the landscape. And it is worth it. It is quite an easy ride and it is perfect for a bonding ride with a new bike. It is also interesting when it comes to the surroundings. There are many places that you can visit on the road and there are many edifices of the Civil war.

Great Staircase

This route is one of the most beautiful mountain rides in the states. The surrounding area is gorgeous and there are portions that are carved through the mountains. You cannot speed very much here but going slowly is worth it here to see the nature around you.