Motorcycle Magazines for The Chopper Enthusiast

Choppers are some of the most amazing bikes out there. From the beautiful paint jobs to the cool forks, choppers are the ultimate bikes. If you are a proud chopper owner, you want to learn more about your bike and how other people customized theirs. This is one of the most important things for a chopper owner. There are countless websites and blogs that write about the amazing life with a chopper and give advice on how to customize and maintain your beauty. But choosing the right one for you can be quite challenging, mainly because most of the biker magazines write about all types of motorcycles. We have listed some of the best chopper magazines in order to help you learn more about your favorite ride and maybe get some new customizing ideas.

Horse Backstreet Choppers

This is one of the most popular chopper magazines. You can buy a hardcopy one or you can read it online. It covers all the topics about the choppers and it also features some amazing editorials with the newest models. On the websites you will also find some amazing videos with the coolest models and some videos that will prove to be very helpful for maintaining you bike. The website also has a forum where you can discuss with other chopper enthusiasts. The forum is also very useful to ask for advice for a technical problem or simply if you want a second opinion from other chopper owners.

Full Throttle

Another one of the biggest names in the chopper world. You can read some amazing editorials in this magazine. They have amazing writers that cover all the topics that may interest you. What is very cool about this magazine is that it has different issues for every state. This is because they try to give information about customizing shops that will help you. You were probably in the situation when you found a very cool shop online, but the problem was that it was 400 miles away. This magazine will give you regional and local information about all the shops and events near you.

Long Rider Magazine

Long Riders Magazine is another great choice for the chopper lovers. They have a hardcopy and an online version. On their website you can find countless useful articles and some very cool editorials. They like featuring the newest models to keep you updated with the latest trends. They also have many videos in which they explain how to take care of your chopper and there are also many test editorials in which they give feed-back on the latest models.

Hot bike

This is a magazine that focuses on the beauty of customized bikes. You can buy a hardcopy or visit their website. They like focusing on the artist that customized too and share the whole story. This magazine is very good if you seek inspiration for your next chopper or you just want to see how others modified their own.