The Differences Between Choppers and Speed Bikes

Having a motorcycle is considered by many to be the ultimate status symbol, it makes you cool. You have the freedom to go wherever you want with great speed and ease. What can be cooler than that? The history of the motorcycles begins in the early 20th century when people needed an easy way to move from one place to the other. Cars were quite expensive, and the natural thing was to get something cheaper. Motorcycles came and solved this problem. They are comfortable and most of them are also affordable. After this, man people wanted to have cooler bikes, and this is how the tuning trend was born. Different types of motorcycles were born and the confusion between the types got bigger and bigger. Some of the main motorcycles we see now on the streets are choppers and speed or race motorcycles. We have listed some of the main differences between these two in order to better understand the biker culture and to help you choose your next ride.

Differences in Frame

Speed motorcycles are used for a fast ride and therefore there are also many speed contests. They are quite heavy but still very flexible. The frame is usually the one that comes from the factory and most of the later modifications are only in the color or outside details. They are very powerful and how the name says, fast. The rider must be leaned forward to have better aerodynamic performance. The suit of the rider should also be very tight to be suitable and there are all types of helmets. The bike can also be used by two people, just like the chopper. The frame is quite short compared to the chopper and this is because this bike is mainly for speed. The bike is very comfortable, but it requires a lot of balance from the rider because the legs have to be positioned on the body of the frame.


The chopper is the ultimate style bike. The body is often modified and there are many people that like to make their own custom design. There are countless bike shops all over the world that make customized bikes. The frame is usually longer than the speed motorcycle and this allows the rider to sit normally on the bike or even leaned back. The wheels are also very different. The chopper can have all kinds of wheels, depending on the design. The wheels of the speed motorcycle are usually standard, and the main variation is in the metal part. The choppers have wider or thinner wheels and the custom ones can have special colors.

The exterior design of the chopper is usually a detailing masterpiece. From amazing paintings to spikes and leather, the choppers can have all sorts of designs. The speed motorcycles also have beautiful exterior designs, but they are usually mono color or just have chrome insertions.