The Motorcycle Tour Checklist

Motorcycles are full of an energetic vibe that inspires confidence and control in a rider’s day. A spin around the neighborhood on a sunny day makes for a great weekend plan. As with all good things, they seem to end sooner than you want them to. Motorcycle runs do not always have to be a short trip down the road. You can plan or participate in a Motorcycle Tour which typically is anywhere from an entire weekend to a week long. Whether you are new to touring or have a few under your wheels, it is smart to plan ahead and pack appropriately.

A Motorcycle Tour is unlike any other vacation or trip you have experienced. There are certain conditions that may make it difficult to prepare in advance. After you get the group together and pick a date, you can begin going through your Motorcycle Tour checklist.

Mapping the Route

Before you can appropriately anticipate your Tour, you need to know where you are going. Deciding on the safest route for you and your crew includes checking weather patterns, construction zones and other events in the area that will cause an influx of traffic. Mapping the route will give you an idea of restaurants, stops and sites to see along the way.

What to Wear

Of course your best gear will be front and center, yet it may not be efficient for the whole trip. Being on a Motorcycle is fun and relaxing, however bear in mind you will be riding for an elongated period of time. Comfortability is a must have for any motorcycle Tour. If you find an item too loose or snug, this may inhibit movement which also translates into a safety concern. Dressing for the weather is of extreme importance as you are open to the elements. Keeping additional waterproof jackets in an easy to access place will help you stay warm or dry as needed.

Baggage to Bear

On most road trips you pack the trunk or hatch full of necessary items. When you take a Motorcycle Tour, it is just you and your bike. This will leave you wondering where to stow all of your things. Special side and saddle bags are made with straps to make it easier to travel. Compartments are designed with long miles in mind to store your goods safely. Durability, waterproofing and space saving spaces are the ideal attributes to look for.

Going the Extra Mile

Details to include on your packing agenda are also essentials to have with you on the road. If you look at it in terms of kits, it is easier to remember.

  • First Aid Kit (medical aid, medications and necessities)
  • Tool Kit (repair tools for your bike)
  • Lifeline Kit (license, financials, registration, phone)
  • Comfort Kit (small snacks and water bottle)
  • Emergency Kit (spare key, flashlight, etc.)
  • Hygiene Kit (lip balm, lotion, sanitizer)
  • Ride Kit (helmet, accessories, earplugs)

Motorcycle Tours are said to be a rider’s goal. You will explore the scenic routes alongside various cities and towns. Being well prepared will ensure you are ready for the fun and festive days ahead.