Top Custom Motorcycle Builders Around the World

1. Auto Fabrica

The Auto Fabrica Company located in England is known for its simplicity. With every unit of their custom bikes sent out of their English warehouse, it becomes more evident that they take a minimalist approach and extreme care when it comes to the making their products. The production crew at Fabrica like a modern-day architect takes time and care to map out their design before the production proper. From the preproduction sketch to the Photoshop version, you will not help but notice that they create already have an explicit digital version of any product they want to create before they commence the metal craft. So, although the production process at Fabrica takes a bit longer, the Company is confident that their end product will speak for itself.

2. Deus Ex Machina

The Deus Ex Machina Company is located in Sydney Australia. The company was started not long ago in 2006. The Deus Ex Machina which is translated the ‘god from the machine’ has come a long way since its inception. A small company that began on the East Coast in Australia has moved to major parts of the word and grown into an empire of café racers, a clothing line for two-wheeled fans. Their major products include bikes, bike parts, they also have repair shops to fix bikes, and they recently ventured into the world of a custom bike. Their goal is to encourage the growth of a new type of riders to have the same passion as other outdoor activities like skating and surfing.

3. Diamond Atelier

The Diamond Atelier bike company is located in Munich, Germany. The company was started just three years ago by two riders who got tired of the same design of custom bikes in the market. They got the inspiration to build something different came on a summer night on their way to a favorite hangout for bikers. The emulated the product standard of brands like Yamaha and BMW to build something a product that is has a contemporary café racer aesthetic. The company has carved a place for itself in the custom bike industry although they are still at the infant age.

4. Down and Out Café Racers

This Company is located in Sheffield England. They are regarded widely as one of the best Café Racer manufactures in Europe. Shaun Walker started the Down and Out Café Racers Company. He already had accumulated experience in the bike building niche for over 15 years before he ventured into starting his own company. One unique fact about this company is that they create their bikes from scratch using bespoke frames. They also undertake pet projects and can turn your bike to allow you get maximum enjoyment from it while riding through the English countryside.

5. Hageman Cycles

The Hageman Cycles Company is based in Tampa in Florida. The Company was founded by Greg Hageman who was a Mater level 5 technician with a deep passion for bikes. The Hageman Cycle offer custom builds and has a repair shop where they undertake repair jobs.