Top Reasons to Ride a Motorcycle

The first motor-bicycle was made in 1885, and Harley Davidson, America’s most popular motorcycle manufacturer, built their first bike in the year 1903. Since then, motorcycles have evolved a great deal, especially when it comes to engine formats and design. Every year, something new appears when it comes to motorcycles. Nowadays, motorcycle owners ride for a variety of reasons. Motorcyclists ride out of need and out of pure fun. Riding a motorcycle not only gets you to your destination, but it is extremely fun and makes for a great adventure. Many people ride for different reasons and below will explain the top reasons to ride a motorcycle.

For the Thrill

One of the greatest things about riding a motorcycle is that nothing can compare to it. The thrill of being in control of a two-wheeled machine that weighs a few hundred pounds is one of the best ways to get from one point to another, and the risks involved in riding sometimes even heighten that enjoyment. Motorcycles are enjoyable, exciting and stimulating. They can be fast, slow, big, or small, but motorcycles simply set your soul on fire. You can do amazing wheelies or stoppies by just playing with the throttle and it can make you fly high in the air, and there’s no better thrill.

Saves You Money

Not only are motorcycles cheaper to buy than cars, but motorcycles can get more than double the fuel economy of cars and that makes them huge money savers. The amount of gas that you save doesn’t depend on whether or not prices stay high. With some bikes getting as much as 60-70 miles per gallon and a lot of scooters pushing upwards of 100 miles per gallon, it’s no wonder that so many riders are choosing to commute on two wheels instead of vehicles.

Easier Commute

Sitting in traffic definitely sucks, but it is a lot more tolerable if you’re not stuck in a hot car listening to the radio. Riding a motorcycle to work or school will not only get you there faster but make your commute much more enjoyable. Motorcycles are allowed in most High Occupancy Vehicle lanes, but they’re also allowed to ride between lanes in Texas and California, making commuting even more easy.

Meet New People

While riding, you will meet some of the nicest people who enjoy riding just as much as you. When riding motorcycles, riders always wave to each other even when they don’t know one another, and that is something that drivers of cars don’t do. No matter the type of motorcycle you’re riding or which part of the world you belong to, there is something about the bond of riders that bring motorcyclists together. They are always there and have one another’s backs. Riding really makes you less of an introvert as it is the best way to get out there and meet new people, especially during two-wheeled events, including rallies, bike shows, and rider get-togethers.

Relieves Stress

Riding a motorcycle is an excellent stress reliever. It takes away all the tension and stress that everyday life brings on. After a good, long ride, it’s as if your system has been rebooted. Riding brings a sense of calmness to you and eases your mind and body, which can only be achieved otherwise through meditation. Many riders feel as though their bike is their therapist, since after riding you feel so energized and refreshed. Riding a motorcycle allows you to have time alone while forgetting all the stress and worries that are on your mind.


Riding a motorcycle gives you a real sense of freedom. When riding, you’re in total control of the movement. You’re not just riding, but you feel as if you are flying and there are no limits to stopping you. You’re able to travel to any place with total freedom. Riding motorcycles lets you be yourself without anyone’s approval. When you’re on your bike, you experience the open air with the wind brushing up against your face, and your view of nature is vivid and relaxing. When riding, it brings out the embracement of senses and really revives your body.

Aside from all the reasons listed above, riding motorcycles is just plain fun. There’re not too many things I enjoy just as much as I do riding. When I am not riding, I prefer shooting photography or playing on Pokerstars and Playok. These things are truly fun to me.  Even when I didn’t have a bike, I was always researching them and watching videos on others riding their motorcycles. Motorcycling is truly a passion of mine. Whether you’re an aspiring rider or a veteran, you can bet these reasons alone will make you want to get on a bike!